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AI Content Creation: Tips and Tools to Boost Content Marketing Productivity

Akshita Sharma
June 13, 2023

Generative AI-assisted content is creating quite the buzz right now. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have heard how ChatGPT is revolutionizing the content creation and marketing landscape. This technology has opened up a world of new possibilities for all of us bogged down by old content creation techniques. 

Gone are the days when you had to spend countless hours brainstorming content ideas or crafting the perfect marketing content. With AI content creation tools as an ally, you can now generate high-quality, engaging, and personalized content in half the time. 

From writing blog posts and marketing copy to designing graphics and videos, AI-powered tools are here to help with all kinds of content. And for many content marketers (almost 60%), AI has become an integral part of their content marketing operations. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a deep dive into the concept of AI content creation and explore some AI-based content creation tools that can help you create better content faster.

Let’s get started.

What is AI content creation?

Picture this: A team of expert assistants who are always by your side to help you brainstorm ideas, conduct research, and create stellar content.

That’s what AI content creation tools do for you.

AI content creation is the practice of using Artificial Intelligence tools for content creation. The AI tools used here leverage advanced machine learning algorithms, natural language processing (NLP), and other AI techniques to support the user in content creation. 

You can use AI content creation tools to write short-form content like social media posts, microblogs, and product descriptions. And you can also use their assistance with long-form content, like blog content, marketing emails, landing pages, product descriptions, and more. Some AI content creation tools can also create videos, generate AI images, edit images, and optimize your entire content strategy.

The goal of AI-driven content creation is to make the content creation process simpler and faster. As a result, you have more time and energy to refine the final output and add creative elements. 

It’s important to note here that artificial intelligence can’t replace the nuanced insights and creativity that human content writers bring. So the input of human writers will always be necessary. These AI tools are only there to help you break through creative blocks and streamline the content creation process. AI tools are not here to replace human content creators.

How do AI content creation tools work?

AI content generation tools don’t just magically create content out of thin air. They’d always need guidance, which is where humans come in. You must provide the tool with a description, desired writing tones, and other crucial elements to create relevant content that’s truly personalized to your needs. And all of this happens in a matter of seconds.

“How does it do this?” – You might be thinking. Let us explain.

We’ve already covered that AI content creation software uses advanced artificial intelligence techniques to create content. These tools train using large datasets of written content, videos, images, and other content. Doing this helps them better understand language, contextual relationships, and visual elements. When you input your preferences, the AI tool uses machine learning algorithms like deep learning, NLP, and NLG to generate relevant content. 

As for the accuracy of these AI content generator tools, it improves over time as you engage with it, provide feedback and indicate your preferences regarding the AI-generated content.

Besides using AI for content creation, you can also use some of these AI tools for content planning and brainstorming content topics. They can also provide you with comprehensive content outlines, making it easier to structure your long-form content better. They do so by crawling through vast content repositories on the same subject.

With this, we’ve covered the basics of AI content creation. Now, let’s move on to some AI content creation tools.

Must-have AI content creation tools to boost efficiency

1. Narrato – AI content workspace

A screenshot of Narrato Workspace Homepage

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This AI content creation platform is like an all-in-one tool for the content needs of a marketer. Narrato provides a wide range of AI tools to help you with various aspects of AI content creation. These tools contain features like content planning, research, SEO, plagiarism check, and more.

Here’s a look at some of its standout features –

  • AI topic generator: With this tool, you can generate SEO-friendly content topic ideas at the click of a button. Just provide the AI topic generator with the general theme of the content to get a list of relevant topic ideas.
  • AI writer: Narrato’s AI writing assistant can help you work through creative blocks, whether it is a long-form blog post, copy, email, or video script that you are working on. It comes with specific use cases for each kind of content. 

While writing blog content, you can use the AI writer to generate intros, conclusions, blog post outlines, and SEO meta descriptions. Similarly, for emails, you have Email Subject Line and Cold Email use cases; for copy, you have use cases like Product Description, AIDA/BAB/PAS copy; and for video, you have use cases like Video Hook Intro and Video Description, among others. This AI writer also provides options to select your tone of voice, audience, and the number of variations you want.

  • SEO Brief Generator: The AI-powered SEO content brief generator can generate comprehensive content briefs for each piece of content. It’ll give you a list of keywords, target word/paragraph and heading count, references, questions to include, and more.
  • ChatGPT integration: Narrato also offers ChatGPT integration you can use for content research and as an all-around assistant. Provide the tool with the correct ChatGPT prompts, and you’ll get the desired output.
  • AI content assistant: The powerful AI-based content editor can provide you with grammar and readability suggestions in real time for better content optimization.
  • AI images: The text-to-image generator can generate customized graphics and images for your content in different styles, like 3D rendering, anime, photo-realistic, hyper-detailed, etc.

Pricing: Narrato offers three pricing plans – Pro, Business, and Custom. These start from $45 per month and come with five user seats. There’s also a free trial to test out the tool’s features.

2. Let’s Enhance – AI image optimization

A screenshot of Let’s Enhaance Homepage

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Let’s Enhance can help you improve the quality of low-resolution images, remove noise, and sharpen unclear visual elements. And you can do all of this while still preserving the true essence of these images. Use it to improve the visual content in your blog posts, social media content, and even the graphics on your website.

Here’s a look at some of its features –

  • Upscale images: Use AI to sharpen and increase the image resolution to 4K, 8k HD, and more. The tool allows the user to scale image size by almost 16x without compromising quality.
  • Resize images: Change the image size according to the desired content format. The tool allows you to increase image size up to 500 MP.
  • Batch editing: The tool enables you to upload and optimize several images simultaneously.
  • Color correction: An HDR filter makes fixing saturation and white balance easier.
  • AI-generated images: This tool offers a text-to-image generator like Narrato.

Pricing: Let’s Enhance is an AI content creation tool that works on the credit system. When you sign up, you get the initial ten credits for free. After that, you can choose between two monthly plans, in which you can pay $9 for 100 credits or $24 for 300 credits.

3. Headlime – AI copywriting tool

A screenshot of Headlime Homepage

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Powered by GPT-3, Headlime offers several features to simplify the creation of marketing copy. Use it for Facebook Ads, Google Ads, taglines, value propositions, or anything else. Although it does offer a landing page generator and an AI blog writer, its primary use case is as an AI copywriting assistant.

Here’s a look at its features –

  • Smart AI copywriter: The AI copywriter ‌offers several options of copy types you can generate. And then, all you have to do is provide it with a prompt (under 100 characters). You can use the Smart Copy generator to create Website Headline/Sub-Headline, Facebook headline/link description, Google Ads headline/description, value proposition, tagline, etc.
  • Copygenerator: Headlime also offers 1700+ professional-looking templates for products/services, emails, and other copy content you can customize as you wish.
  • There’s an option to create a personal copy database.
  • Copy examples: Headlime provides its users with a repository of real-world examples of good copy. You can look through the most common UI patterns and other components in ‌content created by leading brands.
  • Translation: Although this feature is still in beta testing, Headlime comes with different language options for translation. So you can use it for multilingual content writing. 

Pricing: Headlime offers two plans – Individual and Business. The Individual plan costs $59 per month, while the Business plan starts at $399 monthly.

4. HelloWoofy – AI-powered wording and emoji suggestion tool

A screenshot of HelloWoofy Homepage

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HelloWoofy is an AI content generator that can help marketers with everything related to social media marketing. This AI tool offers autocomplete suggestions for emojis, text, and hashtags, to help users create better social media content faster.

Here’s a look at the unique features of this tool –

  • Post-Creation: The smart content tools offered on this platform make it easier to create attention-grabbing social posts in less than half the time. The emoji recommendation engine uses 35 million points to suggest perfect emojis to go with your content. It also comes with a hashtag engine that generates relevant and trending hashtags on a particular topic. The tool can also help you pull quotes from articles, allowing you to draft better social media posts.
  • Post-Scheduling: HelloWoofy also allows you to schedule your posts for publishing automatically on any platform. You can set the patterns and dates of your posting schedule and plan almost 180 days in advance.
  • Integrations: You can integrate this tool with all social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok.

Pricing: HelloWoofy provides four plans – Basic, Essentials, Advanced, and Business. These plans start from $99 per year and go up to $699 per year.

5. Vidyo – AI video content repurposing tool

A screenshot of Vidyo Homepage

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Vidyo is an AI-based content creation tool designed to repurpose content, specifically video content. This tool can help you turn your long-form videos into short clips, which is more suitable for sharing on social media platforms.

The key features of this tool are –

  • Content Repurposing: After importing your video on Vidyo’s AI platform, you can set your preferences regarding the platform, format, and template, and it generates a short clip in just a few seconds.
  • AI captions: Besides repurposing videos, the tool automatically generates suitable subtitles/captions. Manual transcribing becomes a thing of the past while your videos remain accessible for all.
  • Video resizing: Vidyo offers the option to resize your videos or change their dimensions according to the different platforms. For instance, you’d need a square or portrait video for Instagram, while landscape would be a more appropriate orientation for a YouTube video.
  • Auto Video Chapters: The tool automatically adds timestamps and creates AI-generated chapters for your YouTube videos.
  • Cutmagic: This feature simplifies editing complex video recordings using two or three cameras.

Pricing: Vidyo offers two plans besides a free one – Pro ($29.99 per month) and Pro + ($49.99 per month).

Valuable tips for AI content creation

AI content marketing tools can provide you with a wealth of insights and new ways of approaching your content piece. To maximize the efficiency of these tools, keep a few things in mind –

1. Provide the tool with the correct input

Provide the tool with specific and clear instructions about what you want it to create, especially when using something like ChatGPT. The output will often be dependent on the type of input you provide. If you don’t guide the AI tool in the right direction, it won’t give you the desired output.

Narrato is an AI content creation tool that makes this easier. It lets you define your tone of voice. You can also select your target audience, allowing the tool to generate a more targeted output.

2. Always review and edit

AI tools might not be 100% perfect. Whether you’re using the AI content creation tool to create text, videos, or images, it’s crucial to review the content so that you can make the necessary changes. While they’re less likely to make spelling and grammatical errors, data/information accuracy isn’t their strongest suit. 

Make sure to review the facts, edit the content, and also provide the tool with feedback to improve its accuracy. Now is also an excellent time to add creative elements to the content.

3. Don’t create entire content pieces with AI content creation tools

AI content creation tools work as excellent assistants to help you work through creative blocks. However, you shouldn’t rely on them to create entire pieces of content and long-form articles. 

Even though AI technology is developing rapidly, it can’t maintain a flow of thought like a human can. Overdependence on AI content creation tools can make your content sound impersonal and robotic.

4. Experiment with multiple variations

When you are using AI to create content, it’s always a good idea to regenerate multiple variations of the content to choose one that best aligns with your needs. For instance, an AI image generator or an AI topic generator might not give you the best set of output in the first go. You can keep regenerating with the same input prompts until you get something you like.

5. Don’t forget about DEI principles

AI-generated content might not align with your marketing principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). AI is still learning and still needs a helping human hand sometimes, especially when it comes to information that genuinely represents diverse communities. 

AI can get the language wrong or inadvertently demonstrate cultural, gender, or racial bias. So it’s essential to proofread your content to ensure it aligns with ‌DEI principles.

Wrapping Up

To remain competitive in the rapidly changing digital world, you must be resourceful and adaptable. And that means embracing AI content creation. By implementing the tools mentioned in this article, you can increase your content marketing productivity and reach wider audiences with high-quality content. Remember to edit and review the AI-generated text. Test multiple variations, provide the correct input, and design the content according to DEI principles.