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3 Pre-Employment Assessment Platforms to Streamline Your Hiring Process

Kerry Harrison
June 14, 2023

Your employees are the heartbeat of your company! Think about where you’d be without them. Success wouldn’t be on the table, that’s for sure. 

This is why you must ensure your hiring process is on point. You need an efficient recruitment process that delivers skilled, passionate, and professional individuals. These are the sort of people who’ll drive your business forward.

One way to hire exceptional talent is with a pre-employment assessment platform. These platforms use several techniques to analyze a candidate’s suitability for a position. 

Yet, with so many platforms available, it can be challenging to know where to begin! 

To help you with this, we’ll explore some of the best pre-employment assessment platforms.

From resignation letter services to ATS tools, technology is driving recruitment 

Technology is having a significant impact on the recruitment sector. 

There are tons of HR SaaS services available for both businesses and candidates. These include:

The true art here is balancing technology within your practice. You must take care in selecting and integrating the right tools for your team.

What are pre-employment assessment platforms

A pre-employment assessment tool is a tool that evaluates job applicants. 

This software enables you to collect data in a standardized manner. Data on candidates’ skills, abilities, personality traits, job fit, and more.

Types of pre-employment assessments 

Naturally, you’ll look at many elements of a candidate’s personality and knowledge to determine if they’re right for you. You’ll need different tests, with some popular options including:

  • Skills tests – These will help you check the skills and abilities needed for your job vacancy. You can use them to measure technical capabilities such as coding or writing. Or it may include administrative skills, like typing speed or skills with specific software.
  • Cognitive ability tests – You can use a cognitive ability test to measure a candidate’s thinking capabilities. These tests may include problem-solving skills, reasoning, and verbal communication abilities.
  • Personality Tests – A personality test shows how a candidate’s personality traits may impact their job performance. You may assess extroversion, emotional stability, conscientiousness, and openness to new experiences.
  • Job simulations with work examples – Job simulations have become standard for recruitment. This assessment will simulate a situation a candidate may face in the workplace. They work through the scenario, and you assess their performance.
  • Behavioral Assessments – This predicts how a candidate will behave in specific situations. You can use many methods here, with situational judgment tests being prevalent.
  • Cultural Fit Assessments – This demonstrates whether a candidate aligns with the values of your business. It also helps ensure new hires fit well into the company culture. 

The benefits of a pre-employment assessment platform

Business owners have their own ideas of the “perfect” recruitment process. However, there are many reasons pre-employment assessment platforms should be a part of this.

Improve the quality of your hires

You can identify better candidates if you use a pre-employment assessment platform.

You’ll get the information you need to make a better hiring decision. You can assess a candidate’s personality traits, skills, and cognitive abilities.

Reduced time to hire

You can streamline the hiring process by automating the screening and shortlisting of qualified candidates.

As filling a vacant position becomes more efficient, the process costs less.

Considering the average cost for a new hire is about $4,000, the savings are significant.

Remove bias

Pre-employment assessment platforms can help you take bias out of the equation. Since you’ll use standardized measurements to determine whether a candidate is right for you, these tools promote a fairer and more equitable hiring process. They focus on quantifiable metrics and consistent evaluation criteria.

Your candidates will enjoy a better experience

We often think about what we hope to gain from the recruitment process and forget how candidates perceive it. However, this is critical in terms of employee satisfaction and employer branding.

A structured and transparent hiring process can improve the process and enhance their view of your business. It lets job seekers know you’re assessing them on their skills rather than subjective elements.

Cost savings

Earlier, we mentioned how much it costs to hire a new person. So, if you make a bad hire, that’s $4,000 down the drain.

However, that’s just the money spent on recruitment. There are other costs associated with bad hires, including:

  • Onboarding costs
  • Training expenses
  • The cost of lower productivity
  • Potential severance costs

These can quickly add up. So, having a dynamic and consistent hiring process from the get-go makes much more sense.

How to choose a pre-employment assessment platform

Selecting the right pre-employment assessment platform is crucial for optimizing your hiring process.

We recommend the following steps:

  1. Identify your hiring needs and the skills required for each role. You can then select a platform that offers a wide range of pre-employment tests fitting these requirements.
  2. Make sure the platform’s assessments are scientifically validated to accurately predict job performance.
  3. Pre-employment testing software should be easy to use for candidates and recruiters. Poor user experience could discourage potential candidates.
  4. The selected solution should easily integrate with your existing HR systems. Integration ensures seamless data flow and management.
  5. The platform must adhere to employment laws. Examples include the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Plus, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). You also need to abide by local data privacy regulations.
  6. Reliable customer support is also necessary, ensuring they resolve any issues promptly.
  7. Think about your budget so you can find pre-employment testing software that fits in with this. 
  8. Take advantage of free trials or demos to assess the platform’s utility before deciding.

3 of the best pre-employment assessment platforms for streamlining your hiring process

It’s not hard to see why it makes sense to use a pre-employment assessment tool. But which solution is right for you? Let’s take a look at three of the best:

  1. Test Gorilla
Test Gorilla

Image Source

TestGorilla leads the way when it comes to pre-employment assessments. 

Some examples include

You’ll be able to find every test you need here.

In fact, you’ll struggle to find a more comprehensive library of pre-employment tests!

Seamlessly integrate the tests on this platform with your applicant tracking systems. These features and integrations make it easy to streamline your process and find the best talent.

You can also trial Test Gorilla free of charge, which is a great way to determine whether this is the right tool for you. 

  1. Pymetrics

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Next, we have Pymetrics, which is a soft skills platform. It uses data-driven behavioral insights and AI auditing to create a fair and effective hiring process.

It doesn’t focus on subjective questionnaires or backward-looking resumes. Instead, they gather objective behavioral and cognitive data to measure a candidate’s true potential.

You can evaluate the entire talent lifecycle with gamified behavioral assessments, from digital interviews to numerical and logical reasoning.

  1. HackerRank

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Lastly, HackerRank provides market-leading technical assessments and remote interview solutions. Did you know 3,000 companies and 40% of developers use HackerRank?

One of the standout features of HackerRank is that you can implement trusted certified assessments. Using these assessments will standardize your hiring process.

In only a few minutes, you can create role-based tests to determine whether you need this person on your team.

You’ll also have peace of mind because you’ll know that your tests aren’t just effective and compliant.

Streamline your recruitment process effectively with a pre-employment assessment platform 

So there you have it: an insight into the benefits of pre-employment assessment platforms. Plus, some of the best options on the market today to grow your business

A great pre-employment solution will help you to evaluate a candidate’s skills, capabilities, and compatibility with the job role and your business culture.

If you integrate one of the tools mentioned above, you can streamline your recruitment efforts effectively. You can make sure you have the right people working for your business. 

FAQ about pre-employment assessment platforms

How do these pre-employment assessment platforms streamline the hiring process?

Pre-employment assessment platforms automate and standardize the screening and evaluation of job applicants. They’ll identify those who meet the job criteria and predict their performance. The benefits include reducing the time, cost, and bias in the hiring process.

Are these assessments accurate and reliable?

While no assessment tool can guarantee 100% accuracy, pre-employment assessment platforms are reliable and valid. They use established psychological theories and statistical models to assess a candidate’s suitability. Many have undergone rigorous scientific testing and validation.

Are pre-employment assessment platforms legal and ethical to use?

Yes, provided they follow relevant laws and regulations. Examples include the ADA and EEOC and local employment and data privacy laws. These platforms should be part of a comprehensive hiring process. But they shouldn’t be the only decision-making tool.

Can you use pre-employment assessment platforms for all job roles?

Most pre-employment assessment platforms offer a range of assessments that you can tailor to different job roles, from entry-level to executive positions. Be sure to choose assessments matching the skills required for the job.

How do candidates take the assessments?

Typically, candidates take the assessments online, either at the employer’s office or from their own home. The platform automatically scores the assessments and provides the hiring manager or HR team with the results.

Can you replace interviews with a pre-employment assessment platform?

While these platforms provide valuable insights, they shouldn’t replace interviews entirely. Interviews allow for a deeper, more personalized understanding of a candidate’s skills, motivations, and cultural fit. Combining pre-employment assessments and interviews leads to the best hiring outcomes.

How does the feedback from these platforms benefit candidates?

Pre-employment assessments can provide candidates with insights into areas for improvement. Some platforms offer feedback directly to candidates. Applying this feedback helps them understand how they can enhance their skills. From there, candidates can improve their interview performance.