Storrito in 2022 - Login Lockdown
Storrito in 2022 - Login Lockdown

Storrito in 2022

James Fernando
April 22, 2022

storrito homepage

Want to dazzle up your Instagram stories with minimum efforts?

Then, Storrito is the perfect companion for you.

Storrito is a web-based program that helps you create Instagram stories and automatically posts them for you.

All the fancy stories you see by Instagram influencers where they often mention a user, ask a question, or add a poll; all these things are possible using this tool.

You can either upload multimedia files from your computer or use their stock photos and add your location, put emojis, conduct a survey, or ask a question to your fans.

Above all, it lets you schedule your stories according to your editorial calendar and post them on the exact date and time you selected.

So, schedule once and just rest assured.

However, it has nothing to offer in terms of altering videos. Still, the program is fun to use, and I’ve listed its benefits in the following section.

Storrito Pros

#1. Storrito is remarkably easy to use, and it takes only a few minutes to create an eye-catching story for you.

As soon as you log in, you land on the ‘Schedule’ section where you can upload the images or videos from your computer and connect your Instagram account(s).

storrito interface

It takes only a second or two to process photos, but videos might take a minute or so depending on the size of the file.

Often, these videos come out to be a little longer than the desired length of Instagram. And in that case, you’re free to use the editor to trim and resize your clip.

storrito editor

If you want, you can also zoom a particular section of the clip. And once you’re happy with your content, you can add more spice by adding texts, hashtags, location, emojis, or mention a particular user.

storrito add

There are options to change the font, size, and even the color of your text. And it also allows you to add a question or conduct polls.

storrito question

What’s more?

Business accounts with more than 10,000 or more followers have the luxury to add a ‘swipe up’ link and guide their followers to a specific page.

Now, once you’ve made your final edit, preview the story and either post it immediately on Instagram or schedule an appropriate time according to your editorial calendar.

sotrrito post scheduling

#2. You can access the web-based program from any computer regardless of the operating system.

Also, there is no capping on the maximum number of devices you can use to work on the software.

Storrito Cons

#1. Not having a mobile app is the most significant disadvantage with this tool because the majority of users use their smartphones to access Instagram.

But the absence of a mobile app deprives them of the flexibility to post stories anywhere anytime straight from their phone.

#2. Of course, Storrito is not a video editing tool, but that reason is not enough to overrule the shortcomings of its editor.

An addition of one or two more features like video stabilization or the ability to merge clips could have made the editor far more effective.

#3. You can’t upload videos higher than 720P resolution.

Storrito pricing plans and payment methods

Storrito has a straightforward pricing plan. You can either stick to the free license or upgrade to Standard or Professional.

storrito pricing

As a free user, you get 10 posts per month. While the Standard membership allows you to post up to 100 stories every month for just $15/month.

The “Professional” membership is a bit expensive and costs $60/month, but the threshold also increases to $500 stories per month.

Credit Card and PayPal are the two methods you can use to pay for the subscription plans.

storrito pricing methods

Do I recommend Storrito?

Simple – if you’re an Instagram influencer or strive to be one, you can go with the free or Standard pricing option.

Otherwise, Storrito is not for videographers or even for people who are looking for a tool to modify images and clips to upload on Instagram as posts.