Roboform vs. LastPass - Login Lockdown

Roboform vs. LastPass

Katy Smith
February 18, 2021

Do you need a platform for managing passwords? Are you looking for something that’ll enable efficient password sharing among family members or employees? 

If so, you need a password manager app. But you’d be surprised by the sheer variety of such apps currently available. This confuses many users as to which platform they should choose.

That’s why we’ve provided an insight into two popular password platforms, Roboform and LastPass, to help you determine which solution supports your needs more.

Roboform vs. LastPass: At a Glance

What are the unique features of each of these password managers? And what pricing options do the apps have? Let’s find out:


Roboform is an inexpensive desktop app operating via its password manager platform. The ease of use and the clear display of Roboform is appealing to many users looking for a simple password manager app.

It also has extensions for almost all browsers, so using it across multiple platforms shouldn’t be an issue. Since Roboform has biometric authentication, it’s possible to use a facial recognition system instead of a password. Users can also utilize a four-digit code instead of a password.

Roboform stronger passwords

Price-wise, Roborform offers these plans:

  • The free password package
  • Roboform Business plan: starts from $3.35 per user per month (billed annually)


LastPass is a browser-based password manager that implements different levels of encryption to secure your passwords. For example, you need to insert a code along with the password. 

Another interesting feature of this password manager is its ability to import passwords from other similar platforms. On top of that, it automatically deletes passwords from that app.

The number of users who can share passwords depends on the plan you choose. LastPass has a free plan that features almost everything a password manager should have. But keep in mind it can only support one user. 

LastPass example

Here are other plans:

  • Families and Teams – $4.70 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $6.90 per user per month
  • Identity – $9.10 per user per month

The final price will be determined by the number of users you need.

Roboform vs. LastPass – Which Is a Better Password Manager?

Although both password managers offer many similar features, LastPass is a better password app for its advanced security system. For example, even its free plan has 2FA, whereas that’s not the case with the free package Roboform offers.

Furthermore, it automatically imports passwords from other platforms, which Roboform doesn’t do. That said, it’s a smart choice for middle-sized companies and larger enterprises. As it supports all platforms, your employees won’t have issues using it with Linux, Mac, or Windows.

But if you’re looking for a simple password manager that’s easy to install, then Roboform is a better solution. Its premium plans offer fine password managing features. Therefore, even smaller businesses on a tight budget can find a password manager for themselves.

Finally, Roboform provides users with other methods of security besides a password. For instance, you can utilize a code, or a facial recognition system. If that’s more appealing than passwords, then Roboform is a better password manager for you.

LastPass all items

Popular Choices

Roboform and LastPass are two popular password managers. They both boast great password sharing and managing features. 

However, LastPass is a better option for medium-sized businesses and enterprises because of the security it offers, while Roboform is better if you’re on a tight budget. You can still organize your passwords with Roboform but won’t have the same level of security.

The final factor that’ll help you determine whether Roboform or LastPass is right for you is the platform you use. If your computer operates on Linux, you’ll need to opt for LastPass, as Roboform doesn’t support it.