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    zoho homepage

    Zoho Vault is a subsidiary of an Indian company (Zoho Corporation) that helps you keep your passwords and other private data safe from piracy.

    Zoho is a very basic tool when we compare it with the other software I analyzed in this test. However, there are still a few things that make this product worth at least giving a shot.

    So, let’s find out what these things are.

    Zoho Vault Pros

    #1 Integrates with many productivity apps: Zoho Vault can be easily integrated with many popular directories and productivity apps like Zendesk, Google Suites, Microsoft Office-365, Azure, Lucidcharts, etc.

    Plus it provides a ‘single sign-on’ for all these cloud apps. That means you can directly launch these apps from your Zoho vault with a single click.

    The only catch is, you have to buy at least their ‘standard’ subscription package.

    #2 User-friendly dashboard: When you log in to your Zoho Vault, a video demo under the ‘Dashboard’ tab shows you how to find and use the basic features of the tool.

    zoho dashboard

    Just beside the ‘Dashboard’ tab, there’s ‘Secrets’ tab and this is where you can save your passwords and all the other details.

    zoho front

    As you can see it’s super-clean with plenty of white space, making it easy for the users to navigate the vault and explore other options.

    #3 Offline availability: In my test, I found that Zoho Vault is the only tool that lets its users access their passwords offline.

    Click on the ‘Tools’ tab and you’ll land on the Offline Access page.

    zoho offline

    It lets you download all your secrets (saved data) in encrypted HTML format which is as safe as the online data because you are still required to enter the passphrase to see the offline data. And it can be seen in any browser.

    Zoho Vault Cons

    #1 No multifactor authentication: Even though Zoho does offer two-step authentication to its users, unlike its competitors, it doesn’t offer any multifactor authentication which is more secure than the former one.

    #2 Slow Customer Support: The customer support is a little slow in answering the queries of its users even though I had selected the ‘Emergency’ option while sending my question.

    It took them around 36 hours to get back to me however the answer was satisfactory.

    #3 No form-fill: At present, you can save and autofill passwords only on websites. It doesn’t work in other forms like payment details, address details, etc. Zoho is still working on this feature.

    Zoho Vault Plans

    Zoho is the cheapest password manager that I analyzed in this test. It has four plans – Free Forever, Standard, Professional, and Enterprise.

    While a free account, of course, won’t cost a penny, the Standard subscription starts from $0.9/mo billed annually which is still dirt cheap.

    Do I recommend Zoho Vault?

    See, if you’re looking for a basic password manager just to keep a few passwords safe then definitely go with the Free Forever plan of Zoho (no need to spend even $0.9 for the standard pack).

    But if you’re looking for a more sophisticated password manager and even ready to spend a few dollars every month then it’d be wise to spend your money on something like LastPass or Dashlane.

    Overall Zoho is still a great option for those who are looking for a free password manager tool.