VidGrid 2022 - Login Lockdown
VidGrid 2022 - Login Lockdown

VidGrid 2022

James Fernando
April 20, 2022

vidgrid homepage

VidGrid is another web-based tool like Adobe Spark Video or Animoto and claims to be Video’s most interactive platform.

Of course, that’s merely a claim that every company does and we would decide later whether this software is what it says in reality, too.

But in simple words, VidGrid is designed to make video communication possible in education, training, sales, and support without demanding boatload of experience from a user.

Take a look at the advantages to know more about this tool:

VidGrid Pros

#1. Like its counterpart Adobe Spark Video, VidGrid, too, is an easy-to-use tool with a minimalistic interface.

The basic functions like uploading a video are on the left-hand side, and need a couple of clicks or a drag & drop movement to upload a file. And once the video has been uploaded, click the ellipsis icon – “the three vertical dots on the top right corner of the video thumbnail”- and choose “Edit video” option from the drop-down list of actions.

vidgrid interface

In short, you would operate it like any standard mobile video editing app, and as soon as you realize anything, your project would be ready to share.

#2. VidGrid can be Integrated with several Learning Management Enterprise Systems like Canvas, Blackboard, D2L Brightspace, Moodle, and others.

That makes it a perfect tool for teachers to create learning material without leaving the comfort of their LMS.

Moreover, you can record your screen, webcam, or both and insert your voice in your videos which is quite handy for preparing tutorials or descriptive videos.

And what’s unique about this application is, it lets you insert quizzes or poles within your videos so that your audience can answer any of your questions without pausing or leaving the video.

#3. Own multiple devices and want to use the app on each machine?

No problem! Because VidGrid gets you just that.

Since the application is web-based, you can open it on any computer or smartphone, using any browser without any snag.

And what’s more? VidGrid auto-sync all the file between your different devices so that you can start the work from the same point where you left in your previous device.

#4. Whether you want to upload your video to YouTube or want to share the link to your best friend via email, VidGrid got you covered.

vidgrid sharing options

You can share your files on almost all the social media platforms and email the link to your loved ones.

Plus, there’s this option to generate an embedded link that you can paste directly on your website and make it more interactive.

VidGrid Cons

#1. As I had expected, VidGrid has the same flaws that you see in similar apps like Spark Video or Animoto.

A few important ones are not supporting 3D and VR editing, not having a Multicam module, actioncam module, Chroma key feature, advanced color grading, etc.

#2. Uploading 4K videos is another major issue with VidGrid considering the maximum size of a frame that it can support is 1080P.

Needless to say, you need to, first, reduce the pixel size to full HD or lower to start manipulating it on VidGrid.

VidGrid pricing plans and payment options

VidGrid is a subscription-based product and charges a hefty amount every month to avail its services.

The Individual plan costs you $40 every month with $400 being the lump-sum amount when you pay for the entire year upfront.

vidgrid pricing plans

If that sounds expensive to you (which of course is), then its “Business” plan might freak you out.

Because that starts with a whopping $500 every month and always billed annually.

That means, if you ever wish to get VidGrid for your company or group, be prepared to pay at least $5K or so.

That being said, the only relief you get is when you need the software for educational causes and sign up as an instructor for just $25/month.

vidgrid pricing for education

The price is still high when compared to other subscription-based editing services, but it’s definitely affordable than paying five grand a year.

Though what I like about VidGrid pricing is the complimentary 14-day trial you get with all the plans it offers. That way, you can test drive the app before paying for it.

And finally, when it comes to payment methods, they’re only limited to credit card and ACH. Once again, a poor display from VidGrid.

vidgrid payment methods

Do I recommend VidGrid?

In one word, the answer is ‘No’.

At that price point, I would never recommend any video editing software even if it is the best of the bests.

VidGrid is asking way more than it can offer. Plus, the set of features is also not as impressive as other tools (like Spark Video or Animoto) that come in half of its price.

So, why would you pay more when you could get everything VidGrid has to offer in half the money?