VideoScribe 2022 - Login Lockdown
VideoScribe 2022 - Login Lockdown

VideoScribe 2022

James Fernando
April 21, 2022

videoscribe homepage

In the previous segment of this series, I talked about Doodly – a program to make doodle videos. And VideoScribe is the direct competitor of Doodly.

Just like any other online tool, VideoScribe is also easy to use and designed to help professionals make whiteboard videos in minutes.

However, unlike its counterpart, VideoScribe is an online tool and offers a much cheaper plan.

Moreover, the thousands of stock images and soundtracks add a few more stars to its glory and make it a better option than Doodly.

Here are the significant benefits you get when you sign up for VideoScribe:

VideoScribe Pros

#1. Even though VideoScribe is not powered by AI, working on the application is a child’s play.

videoscribe interface

The interface is quite similar to Doodly with a minimal menu bar on the left and ample white space in the middle to work on your videos.

And everything from uploading a scene to adding a character or sound merely needs a simple drag and drop movement or a single click.

videoscribe interface1

In short, VideoScribe scores can be operated by anyone from professionals to fifth graders.

#2. One of the most complicated parts of making a whiteboard video is to sketch the characters. And this section is quite a headache even for design ace.

videoscribe characters

But VideoScribe helps you avoid the pain and saves a lot of your time by offering more than 5000 characters and 190+ soundtracks in its library.

videoscribe music tracks

You can either choose randomly or search for a term. It returns all the characters that match or seems relevant to your search term.

And you get the luxury to create unlimited clips using these sketches, scenes, and audio tracks.

#3. After you’ve finalized the draft, you can save it on your computer or share online on YouTube, Twitter, and other social sites directly from the app.

videoscribe sharing

Plus, it generates a unique link that you can send your close friends and colleagues via email.

#4. Since the program is online, you can access your VideoScribe account from anywhere, anytime using any machine.

Whether you’re working on an Android/iOS smartphone or Windows/Mac PC, the program works smoothly on every device.

VideoScribe Cons

#1. VideoScribe is not a hardcore video editor, it’s just a whiteboard video making tool. So don’t expect features like 3D and VR editing, trimming, masking, Chroma Key and other typical things that you see in full-fledged video editing software.

#2. Although it might not seem like a big deal taking into account what VideoScribe is for, it’s still a disappointing fact that the maximum frame size VideoScribe supports is 1080P.

You cannot import or export videos on 4k UHD resolution.

Also, the program doesn’t have its own cloud space service, compelling users to save all their files in local drives.

VideoScribe pricing plans and payment options

The pricing options of VideoScribe are based on the number of licenses you want.

If you’re a solo user who wants the program for your personal or commercial use, it will cost just $8/month when you pay annually.

videoscribe pricing

And this is their best value for money plan because when you decide to pay monthly or quarterly, the price surge up to a staggering $17.50/month and $35/quarter respectively, which is pretty high in my opinion.

So, for an individual license, my vote goes to the annual plan ($8/mo).

On the other hand, they also have a subscription for small teams of 5+ members that starts from $155/member every year.

videoscribe team pricing

Once again, when we compare the team price with the annual cost of the individual license, the former comes out to be more expensive than the latter.

So, I would suggest you either don’t go for the team plan or buy each member of your team a single user license.

That way, you could get the same benefits, but at a much lower price tag.

Do I recommend VideoScribe?

Yes, I definitely recommend VideoScribe if making whiteboard videos is your thing.

The program is cheap, user-friendly, and all the stock characters, tracks, and scenes make your work a whole lot of fun and easy.

However, I will never suggest this tool to videographers or movie makers because it’s not designed for that.