Video Pro X 2022 - Login Lockdown
Video Pro X 2022 - Login Lockdown

Video Pro X 2022

James Fernando
April 21, 2022

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In one of the previous editions of the “best video editing software series”, I reviewed Magix Movie Edit Pro, and it was a decent looking tool. But Video Pro X is the most powerful video editing software Magix (the parent company) has ever produced.

Packed with all the essential features like advanced color grading, 3D movie making, complete 360° video support, advanced Chroma key, Multicam (up to 9 cameras), VFX, and more, Video Pro X leaves no stone unturned.

And offers a complete package a pro-level video maker will ever need to produce world-class movies.

Let’s take a deep dive and see what do you get when you put your money on this software.

Video Pro X Pros

#1. Even though usability is not a significant strength of the tool, working on it gets smooth as silk once you become familiar with the interface and what each tool does.

And what I liked the most about this software is the ability to open almost any file in any format including some latest codecs like H.265 or XDCAM that only a few programs support.

In a nutshell, you can record footages using any camera and then open it on Video Pro X. No need to install any third-party converter.

#2. Now let’s talk about what makes this software special. Video Pro X has immense power under the hood with advanced level color grading, Chroma key, and Multicam module (up to 9 cameras).

Besides this, you get access to a cutting edge audio mixer that enables you to produce broadcast-ready sound clips.

The developers have also included high-end effects, Lookup tables (LUTs), and transitions to jazz up your clips and make the software a one-stop-shop to create movies that match the level of Hollywood.

In short, Videos Pro X is a complete package for any serious videographer.

#3. Having Video Pro X in your computer powers you to edit 3D movies and work on 4K ultra HD videos.

But this is not the only thing it does.

Video Pro goes above and beyond and enables you to edit 6K videos, too. And if you’re a fan of VR videos, you would love the complete 360° package that includes stitching, screen rotation, special 360° transitions, and video stabilization if your videos are a bit shaky.

video pro x 360 editing

#4. The sharing ability is also impressive because it lets you upload videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and other prominent social media sites.

#5. Want to make a separate disc for your production?

No worries! Video Pro got it, too.

Once you’ve made the final cut, you can burn the project into a Blu-ray disc or DVD and play it wherever you want.

video pro x disc burning

Video Pro X Cons

#1. The only flaw I see in the software is the limited device compatibility and the inexistence of cloud space.

Video Pro X, like any other Magix product, is designed only for Windows desktop users. You can’t install the application on a Mac computer, neither you can use your smartphones to work on the application.

Barring this shortcoming, the tool is perfect in almost every aspect.

Video Pro X pricing plans and payment options

“Good things come with a price” and seems like, the saying fits perfectly in this case.


Because Magix charges a whopping $399 one-off fee for Video Pro X. With that price tag, it becomes one of the costliest video editing options available in the market.

video pro x pricing

However, you can get some concession on the total price if you already are a Video Pro X user, and just want to upgrade to the latest version.

Since the upgradation cost is uncertain, you would need to punch in the existing serial number of your license to see the exact amount.

And once you get that, you can complete the order by paying through PayPal or your credit/debit card.

Do I recommend Video Pro X?

It might be a little surprising for you, but I would still not recommend this tool to a specific group of users.

But before we discuss that, let’s talk about people who would just fall in love with the software.

If you’re a professional level video maker, freelancer, tech vlogger or movie editing guy, then look no further. Video Pro X is the ultimate destination for you.

Even though it costs a bit more than many of the other premium editors, the number of features and ease of editing overshadow the overall price.

And finally, the group of users who should avoid using Video Pro X includes newcomers and casual videographers who could get away even with basic level editing.

Because simply put, this tool is not made for entry-level users. You should instead go for an easy and free option like VSDC or OpenShot over Video Pro X which costs as much as 400 bucks. A massive amount for novice editors!