Samsung Pass Review: Good Enough or Not Good At All?

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    Samsung pass homepage

    Samsung Pass is a cool software by Samsung that uses your biometric data to log in to a site or app on your mobile device. (Similar to Samsung Flow on other Android devices.)

    It’s not exactly a password manager, but a faster and safer way to login to sites or add payment details without typing a word.

    And since it has the Samsung brand name, it works only on a Samsung device. (And only with the latest ones that support biometric authentication.)

    Let’s weigh all of the pros and cons in this Samsung Pass review.

    Samsung Pass Pros

    #1. Samsung Pass is a built-in tool in all the latest Samsung smartphones.

    You’ll just need to create an account to get started. Open ‘Settings’ on your device, navigate to ‘Biometrics and Security,’ and then select ‘Samsung Pass’ under it.

    In many of the handsets, the option can also be under the ‘Lock Screen and Security’ section.

    Next, you need to hit the “Start” button and accept the terms and conditions before verifying your biometrics — fingerprint sensor, or Face ID and iris scanning with the camera.

    That’s it, you’re good to go!

    #2. Samsung Pass’ autofill is fast and secure.

    But before you use Samsung Pass, you need to save your username and master password to unlock everything else. (Don’t sorry, you can easily reset the password like any other site or app, too.)

    As you do that, a pop-up appears that asks you whether you want to sign-in using biometrics from next time. Tap ‘Remember’ and you’re done. No need to hit another ‘forgot password’ reset again.

    Samsung account and master password

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    Now, whenever you visit the site the next time, you will see the option to log in to the site using Samsung Pass.

    Save credit card information with Samsung Pass

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    Following the same procedure, you can insert credit card details to pay for stuff on Amazon Prime for example, and instantly gain access to all of your other Android apps with a single finger, face, or eye.

    Samsung Pass Cons

    #1. Sure, Samsung Pass is an exciting tool, but it also has lots of flaws.

    And the most significant setback is the function doesn’t work with any popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. You’ll have to browse the web using the default Samsung Internet app on your Samsung phone to login via Samsung Pass. (Get the picture?)

    Similarly, the software doesn’t work with every app. Only those apps respond to Samsung Pass that supports Android autofill framework.

    You can use the Samsung AllShare feature to stream content to your Samsung Smart TV screen. But again, it gets a little ridiculous. Even Apple isn’t this restrictive anymore with their ecosystem.

    #2. The tool is not available anywhere other than the latest version of your Samsung smartphones.

    So because this only works with Samsung apps and Samsung Cloud, there’s also no cross-device option to access iCloud backup and more.

    #3. The most fundamental job of a password saving tool is to generate passwords, but unfortunately, Samsung Pass fails to do so.

    Also, the tool is unable to spot weak and duplicate passwords that most of the cutting-edge programs can easily do. There is no password generator, so you can create strong passwords in seconds — only save the same old weak ones you’re already using.

    #4. Samsung Pass can autofill login credentials, but security is a major concern with this tool.

    Samsung encrypts your sensitive data but doesn’t reveal which encryption system it uses. So, you can’t be assured about the safety of your confidential information, and you also don’t know whether Samsung stores your details or not.

    That again raises serious questions because most of the password managers never store your data on their servers.

    Samsung Pass Pricing Plans

    Samsung Pass is already preinstalled on the latest Samsung devices for free.

    Do I Recommend Samsung Pass?

    The short answer is ‘kinda’ if you’re a Samsung Android device user already. It’s definitely better than nothing.

    The fingerprint scanner works great.

    However, it lacks a ton of critical features, like a password generator to create unique passwords for each site you use, or the ability to share passwords on a secure folder with family, friends, or colleagues.

    The best password managers on the market, like LastPass, Dashlane, or 1Password, are probably a better bet.