Loopster in 2022 - Login Lockdown
Loopster in 2022 - Login Lockdown

Loopster in 2022

James Fernando
April 21, 2022

loopster homepage

Loopster is a cloud-based online video editor for amateur and semi-pro videographers.

Other than the user-friendly interface and a few handy features, it doesn’t seem to offer anything special.

You can trim & splice videos, add sound effects, fonts, some transition, slow motion effects, and share the final product.

That’s all you can do with the software. Nothing fancy!

However, the availability of cloud storage and robust device compatibility are substantial benefits associated with this tool.

Moreover, it also enables you to join forces with different users to produce movies and onboard students if you use the tool to make educational materials.

Following is the list of all the positive aspects I found in Loopster:

Loopster Pros

#1. Creating a video on Loopster is a breeze. Since the program is developed explicitly for new and intermediate level users, the interface has been kept very slick and straightforward.

It looks like a typical online software interface where the toolbar is on the left side, a preview are on the right and timeline at the bottom of the screen. The instructions are very clear and everything looks quite organized.

loopster interface2

Whether you want to upload a video or add some fancy fonts to your clip, almost all the functions can be done with a mere click or two.

#2. After checking usability, it’s always the overall functionality of the editor that goes under the scanner. And Loopster is a bit hot and cold in this section.

The editor is good enough to perform some core actions like trimming, splicing, or adding transitions and fonts.

But the hundreds of sound effects and the ability to slow down the pace of a specific scene by 5X are the standout features of this tool.

loopster audio

Apart from that, it has real-time voice recording to aid tutorial makers.

#3. After finishing your project, you get the privilege to share your movies with fellow Loopster users.

Or if you want, you can share your videos with a mass audience on social media platforms directly from the app.

#4. A video editor offering cloud space to the users is one of those rare things that you find in Loopster.

The software is cloud-based and offers from 10-200GB of cloud storage depending on the membership plan you choose.

#5. Cloud editing also eliminates any restriction related to the compatibility of a device.

Loopster is available on every platform from Windows to Mac and iOS to Android.

Everything you do on the app gets synced across all your devices. And that gets you the luxury to start your editing on one machine and finish it on another one anytime anywhere.

Loopster Cons

#1. If your projects need a heavy dose of VFX, then you might want to skip Loopster because the in-house graphics are a little dull.

Moreover, the absence of multicam edit, 3D and VR support, PIP, and masking make it less likely for veteran editors.

#2. You can import 4K videos on Loopster but exporting files in the same resolution is not possible even if you take one of the subscriptions.

Loopster pricing plans and payment methods

Loopster is a free tool. But again, the free version has lots of shortcomings that compel you to consider one of their paid plans.

The ‘Plus’ membership starts from $4.99/month, or you can pay for the entire year upfront. That would set you back for $47.88.

loopster pricing

Now, if you go one step higher in the pricing hierarchy, you can find the Movie Producer Membership that comes for $9.99/month ($95.88/month) and offers 20GB of cloud storage.

They also have an education package and business package, but you’ll be billed quarterly for these packages.

While the Business package costs $129/quarter, it offers you 50 separate license for 50 members and 100GB of cloud space.

On the other hand, the Education package is way cheaper than Business Package and priced at $79 every quarter.

You get more cloud storage than any other package that is 200GB and can onboard up to 100 students.

Loopster mainly processes payments through credit and debit cards, but you’re also free to use your PayPal account as an alternative method to pay for the membership.

However, they don’t mention anything on their website about their refund policy.

Do I recommend Loopster?

Loopster is a decent video editing software, but I would once again stick to what I said earlier.

There isn’t anything special with the program. Other than the core functions, you can’t do much with the software.

And when you compare its capabilities with leading options available on the internet, you find Loopster doesn’t stand any chance.

So, I will not recommend spending money on Loopster.