How to Import Passwords into LastPass 2022 - Login Lockdown

How to Import Passwords into LastPass 2022

James Fernando
April 22, 2022

After installing the LastPass extension on your device, you’ll want to import passwords that are already saved by your current Web browser(s) or another password manager, so LastPass can take over password management. The import process is easy.

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How to Import Passwords into LastPass

First, create an export file from your browser or password manager (advanced users can do this manually in a text editor or even use a script). In Google Chrome, open “Settings,” and click “Autofill.” Click the three dots to open a menu. Select “Import” and save the file to your computer. If using the Chrome app on your device, open the menu, select “Settings.” Choose “Passwords.” Click the three dots to open the menu, and choose “Export Passwords.” Follow the prompts to save a CSV file to your device. Make sure to select CSV and not different file format such as an XML file.

Click the LastPass icon in your browser toolbar to start importing. LastPass password manager will ask for your login credentials if you’ve already set up a LastPass account with your email address and a master password. Otherwise, create an account.

From the “Account Options” menu, choose “Advanced.” Click “Import.” A new tab will open, and you can select the source of your passwords such as:

  • KeePass
  • McAfree Safekey
  • Generic CSV File

If using a different password manager, it may also be on the list.

Currently, both “Chrome Password Manager” and “CSV File” require a CSV upload. Click “Upload” to add the export file saved to your computer. LastPass allows you to select all the passwords or individual passwords. LastPass data is encrypted during the password import process. Your LastPass Vault functions as a password database that you can access from Firefox or Chrome browser.

You can repeat the importing process and select other sources. You cannot currently import passwords directly from Internet Explorer. Mozilla Firefox users cannot directly export a CSV file containing their passwords or import from the Firefox Password Manager. However, you can install a Firefox plugin such as Password Fox to export Firefox password data to CSV and import into LastPass. Similarly, you’ll need a program such as VaultPasswordView to save passwords from Microsoft Edge. Once you create the export file in CSV format, you can remove the browser extension.

LastPass offers a family option for multiple users who can share certain passwords. You can also log out of the LastPass plugin to allow another user to log in with their LastPass master password.

lastpass sharing center

LastPass will autofill your login credentials for sites with saved passwords. You can enable offline access if you will be using public computers (this function replaces the LastPass Pocket application) that you can install to a USB drive.

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Aside from the password manager, LastPass also offers a password generator to avoid weak passwords. The LastPass app for mobile includes a browser. You can import data including secret bookmarks and notes. LastPass premium includes other options for a fee.

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If you wish to stop using the LastPass browser extension or create a backup, you can select the LastPass exporter from the “Advanced” menu to create a LastPass CSV file.