Corel PaintShop Pro: 2022 Review - Login Lockdown
Corel PaintShop Pro: 2022 Review - Login Lockdown

Corel PaintShop Pro: 2022 Review

James Fernando
April 19, 2022
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Paintshop Pro is a renowned photo editing tool presented by Corel. Though there’s a buffed up version of this software in the form of Paintshop Pro Ultimate, this pro version is sufficient enough to fulfill the needs of any user regardless of their expertise level. Its wide range of editing tools, easy interface, and low cost make it one of the favorites of beginners as well as professional photo editors. Now, let’s look at the sections where it is most impactful and where it can improve.

Corel PaintShop Pro Pros

#1 Suitable for both- Beginners and Professionals

PaintShop Pro is one of those rare applications that not only possess all the necessary editing tools but also easy to use even for a novice. The user interface is easy-to-navigate and straightforward, where all the editing functions are on the left-hand side. And with the availability of plenty of resources, it won’t take you long enough to get started with this software.
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#2 Extended trial and refund period

PaintShop beats all its competitors out of the water when it comes to providing free trial and money back guarantee. It has a 30-day trial period and assures 100% money back guarantee if you return the product within 30 days of purchase. Again, the longest among all the other tools.

#3 One-off Purchase

PaintShop is another product that doesn’t require you to sign-up for a monthly subscription plan. It’s the second cheapest software in my test, and it only costs $79.99. Pay once, and PaintShop is yours forever!

#4 Excellent Customer Support

A great product with exceptional customer support is like a match made in heaven. And PaintShop and Corel support is one such match. Though I didn’t face any issues using the tool, when I asked a question to the customer support team of Corel, they got back to me within 10 hours with a comprehensive answer.
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#5 More than one device with a single license

It’s not a surprise to know that PaintShop Pro allows users to use their license on two different computers. The only catch is you can’t run the program simultaneously on both the computers.

Corel PaintShop Pro Cons

#1 Compatible only with Windows

For a tool like PaintShop that checks almost all the boxes, it was a big bummer to know it only works on Windows computers. No Mac device support, no mobile, no iPads.
paintshop pro system requirements

#2 No Cloud storage

If your computer’s hard drive is full and you’re looking for a software that enables you to store your data on the cloud, then you would want to avoid Corel PaintShop Pro and switch to Photoshop CC or Lightroom Classic.

Corel PaintShop Pro Plans

PaintShop leaves no room for confusion when it comes to buying the product. It offers a single pricing plan which is a one-time payment of $79.99.
paintshop pro plans
And if you already using one of its older versions, then you can upgrade to the latest one by paying $XXX.

Do I recommend PaintShop Pro?

If you only have a Windows computer and planning to buy a product which is easy to use, low in cost and gets all the essential features to perform pro level editing, then PaintShop Pro is definitely an ideal choice for you.