clipperz homepage

Clipperz is a web-based tool that helps you keep your passwords, cards, notes, and other sensitive data secure.

It’s a free tool that uses cryptographic encryption to protect your passwords and data from online attacks. But the free software has a boatload of flaws.

Basically, Clipperz is much like MyPadlock and KeyWallet. All it can do is, store, and manage your passwords. Other than that, there is nothing to talk about in this tool.

But that being said, you might find some small features included in the software to protect your account from Intruders.

And what are these small positive facets?

Let’s find out:

Clipperz Pros

#1. Clipperz tries to make it as easy as possible to get started with it. And though it’s not a big deal, ultimately, no ones like to install an app and follow several different steps to get started with a software.

So, it’s praiseworthy that Clipperz lets you get straight to the business as soon as you set your username and password and reaffirm that password on the next window.

clipperz create account

After this brief setup, you come across a clean and sleek interface that even a novice can get along with quickly.

clipperz interface

The overall look is quite typical with a navigation bar on the left and vast white space on the right.

Also, you would notice that the interface comes with some pre-existing credentials. However, those are just sample entries.

To save your passwords, you would need to hit that big ‘+’ icon on the bottom of the screen and fill the details on the next wizard. And finally, click ‘Save’.

clipperz save password

clipperz save password1

Similarly, you can store your card details, addresses, notes, and much more.

In addition to this, you’re also allowed to classify your credentials using different tags like cards, social, Bitcoin, etc.

I would recommend making use of this facility as it prevents chaos and helps you locate your credentials in a jiffy.

#2. Now, it’s time to reveal those two small facets that hike up the ‘like’ graph of Clipperz a bit.

The first one is “One-time password”.

In the absence of two-factor authentication, the “One-time password” is a smart way to prevent unauthorized access, especially when you’re using someone else’s device to log in to your account.

Now, unlike the common belief, these one-time passwords are not sent to the device automatically. You’ll have to generate them first within the software and then print those passwords for subsequent usage.

clipperz one time password

You can do so by going to “Account” and then, selecting “One-time passwords”.

Similarly, the second quality that made using Clipperz more comfortable for me is “Device PIN”.

Using the “Device PIN”, you can set a 5-digit PIN for your device to log in to your account without typing the password.

clipperz PIN

And if you’re someone like me who sets a complex passphrase but doesn’t like typing it frequently, then this “Device PIN” feature will make your life easier.

However, this PIN works only on the device where it has been enabled. That means, if you’ve set a PIN on your computer, it won’t work on your smartphone.

You’ll have to set a separate PIN by opening your account on your smartphone.

#3. It doesn’t matter what device you use, Clipperz works smoothly everywhere.

You can access your Clipperz account on your Mac or Windows desktop or use your smartphone/tablet running on Android or iOS.

And the best part?

There’s an offline version of the program available that you can download separately to access your data without an internet connection.

clipperz offline

Clipperz Cons

#1. As I mentioned earlier, Clipperz is much like MyPadlock and KeyWallet. Thus, its flaws are also quite identical to the other two programs.

For example, just like MyPadlock and KeyWallet, Clipperz also is not made to fill your login details automatically. And the absence of browser extensions is one of the prime reasons for this.

Additionally, the password generator is also elementary and works only within the software. Unlike what you see in other cutting-edge programs, it doesn’t suggest passwords while filling web forms.

#2. With Clipperz, the only thing you can do is store passwords and other details. You can’t share them with your closed ones that make it utterly irrelevant for families or small business owners.

#3. Even though Clipperz claims to be safe, I still have issues with its security precautions.

While most of the password managers have shifted to the 256-bit AES encryption, Clipperz is still depended on the 128-bit version of AES.

Moreover, there’s no two-factor and multi-factor authentication to prevent unwanted break-ins.

#4. Security reports are quite handy to maintain the health of your credentials and make sure all your accounts are safe.

But unfortunately, Clipperz doesn’t boast such facility, rather it leaves on the user to examine and maintain their security health.

Clipperz pricing plans and payment methods

Clipperz is absolutely free for everyone. But if you’re happy with the product, you can donate some amount using PayPal to the developer team.

Do I recommend Clipperz?

Clipperz is remarkably easy to use and decent for storing your data, but I still won’t recommend this tool to anyone.

Simply because Clipperz is not a complete product. It lacks many vital features that other programs like LogmeOnce offer for free.