Catalyst Edit (Sony) - 2022 Review - Login Lockdown
Catalyst Edit (Sony) - 2022 Review - Login Lockdown

Catalyst Edit (Sony) - 2022 Review

James Fernando
April 21, 2022

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Catalyst Edit is a non-linear editor powered by Sony to edit raw 4K footages.

At first glance, the software seems to be mainly developed to complement their other product Catalyst Prepare and surely does so.

But this editor is nowhere near the advanced tools I’ve analyzed before. Even the interface looks a bit different than what we usually see in other programs.

Having said that, Catalyst Editor is still an excellent choice for making some core adjustment in your projects and add some crazy VFX effects, thanks to their in-house plugins and Open FX support.

Though the list is not very long, here are a few more positive things I found in the tool:

Catalyst Edit Pros

#1. Catalyst Edit has an intuitive interface, and experienced users will not have any problem navigating different functions.

But unfortunately, I can’t say the same for neophyte editors. If you’re new to this field, you may need to spend some time to find your way, but once you do, working on the app becomes pretty easy.

And above all, Sony designed the entire interface touch enabled.

That means if you have a touchpad and screen-touch computer, you can probably complete a whole project using your fingers.

And this is something I didn’t find in any other software; even in the most advanced ones.

#2. Now, talking about its USP, Catalyst Edit is made for editing raw and 4K clips, and it does it is best at it.

With an array of format support that includes Sony RAW 4K, XAVC, XDCAM 422, AVC H.264, and more, you can open almost any clip shot by any device.

#3. Catalyst Edit might not be as competent as the latest video editors, but the 40 something in-house VFX plugins can turn any ordinary video into a stunning one.

catalyst edit effects

And if that’s not enough, then you can dig into the complete OpenFX package that comes with the software to spice up your videos a bit more.

Similarly, the multi-channel audio mixer is also quite impressive and makes adding or removing sound from your clips a breeze.

catalyst edit audio mixer

#4. Sony understands that almost all the videographers like to have the same copy of the program in their home and office computers. That’s why they’ve offered cross-platform support with the tool.

The interface looks exactly the same regardless of which operating system you use.

And the best part?

You can run the same license on both the machines.

Catalyst Edit Cons

#1. While most of the modern video editing programs are packed with cutting-edge functions like 3D and VR editing, multicam module, actioncam, and more, Catalyst lacks these advanced attributes.

It supplies very minimum support to videographers to bring out and apply their creativity.

#2. The inexistence of sharing options is another minus for this tool. If you want to publish your videos on social sites, you will have to, first, export your files to your computer and post them manually from there.

Unlike the other editing software, you can’t share your clips on social media directly from the software.

Catalyst Edit pricing plans and payment methods

Sony doesn’t offer Catalyst Edit as standalone software.

It’s a part of their Catalyst Production Suite that comes with Catalyst Prepare – a software to open and organize the raw camera footages – and costs $199.95/year.

catalyst edit pricing

If you wish to pay monthly, then it is just $21.95 every month, which is almost the same as Adobe Premiere Pro.

Now, it’s not clear whether or not Sony offers a money-back guarantee with the software, but for those who want to try to the app before going all in, they surely have a trial version on their website.

And when you’re sure about the tool, you can use a debit/credit card or PayPal to buy the license.

Do I recommend Catalyst Edit?

Let’s start with what I like about this tool.

There are a few sections where Catalyst Edit checks the boxes like opening raw footages, making quick edits, audio mixing, and adding spectacular effects.

Now, what’s wrong?

It has nothing to offer to perform severe edits and unable to share clips on social media.

The price of this tool also plays a critical part here because when you can get a top-notch software like Adobe Premiere Pro at the same price, why on earth would you go for Catalyst Edit?

So, in the end, my answer would be No. I don’t recommend Catalyst Edit.