Blender Review - 2022 - Login Lockdown
Blender Review - 2022 - Login Lockdown

Blender Review - 2022

James Fernando
April 21, 2022

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Blender is an open source and free tool that is specifically built to help you add mind-boggling 3D animation to your videos. Besides this, with its robust modeling tools, it makes creating and editing models a breeze.

Some other substantial factors are VFX, quick video rendering, and the power to add simulations like smoke & fire, particles, fluids, and more.

The above qualities make Blender a perfect companion for creating video games or animated movies.

But is it powerful enough to perform high-end video editing? Let’s find out by going through its strength and weaknesses:

Blender Pros

#1. When you first come across the UI of Blender, it looks similar to a standard photo or video editing software. And novice users might need to take some free classes by Blender to get familiar with the tool.

blender interface

But what stood out for me is the flexibility to customize the entire interface with Python scripting or make it a little minimalistic by splitting the viewport.

#2. 3D editing and animation. Yes, that’s what Blender is known for.

You get a complete set of functions like ‘automated walk-cycles’, character animation, Non-linear animation, sound synchronization, fast rigging, and more for creating beautiful animated characters.

blender render cycles

And along with that, there is modeling, VFX effects, and simulations that make working on 3D clips more convenient.

Overall, we can say, these tools are the biggest USP of Blender and the only reason a user would love this software.

#3. It doesn’t matter what kind of machines you use to edit your videos, you can run the Blender on any computer because it is compatible with every operating system, be it Windows, Mac, or Linux.

However, they’re yet to release a mobile app for iOS or Android.

Blender Cons

#1. Video editing is the secondary task of this tool.

Sure, you can perform some basic and critical actions like trimming, splicing, audio mixing, masking, layering, transitions, and more, but you don’t see many of the advanced features including 360° video support, Multicam mode, Picture in Picture, Actioncam, etc.

That makes it an incomplete video editing software and will surely turn off even semi-professional videographers.

#2. The sharing ability of Blender is also not fascinating at all because unlike most of the editing services, you can’t share your production on social media directly from the software.

That’s a big disappointment if you often create video content for your social media audience.

#3. And the last disadvantage of using Blender is not being able to import your favorite 4K clips because 1080P is the largest frame size it supports.

Also, I was not expecting this either, but it is still worth mentioning that you don’t get any cloud service with the software.

Blender pricing plans and payment options

Blender is available free of cost for everyone. And it renders you the freedom to use this tool for any purpose, whether commercial or educational.

blender donate

Having said that, if you want to back the hard work of their developers’ team, you can take subscribe to the Blender Development Fund where subscription ranges from $6/month to $300/month or donate a random amount via PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Cryptocurrency by going to their donation page.

Do I recommend Blender?

Mostly no. Simply because it’s not a video editing tool. Whatever features it has to manipulate video clips are of elementary level and don’t cater to the needs of seasoned editors.

However, I would highly recommend this software for making animated movies or 3D video games.