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Apple iMovie - in 2022

James Fernando
April 20, 2022
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If PowerDirector is for Windows users, iMovie is a devoted Apple product. And the best thing?

It’s free and designed to target newbie videographers.

So if you use a Mac computer or iOS device, iMovie could be an excellent starting point for your video editing journey.

But the big question is, can this free tool by Apple stand any chance against the heavyweight apps we reviewed earlier?

Let’s find out.

iMovie Pros

#1. To start with the overall look of the software, it has a clean and easy-to-navigate interface.

Though a newcomer might need to take a look at the in-built tutorials (to get a grasp on what each tool does), once you get familiar with the software, it takes minutes to create new projects.

#2. Just like PowerDirector, iMovie also helps new editors start their editing game quickly by offering sample trailers.

iMovie trailers

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These sample trailers help you learn how to structure and organize your clips so that they look professional.

#3. The sharing feature of iMovie is also satisfactory. You can upload even 4K videos directly to YouTube and Vimeo without any snag or publish your clips on Facebook instantly from the software.

iMovie video sharing

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But what impressed me the most is the convenience to watch the videos on Apple TV using iCloud and iMovie Theater.

And since you can backup all your videos on iCloud, you get the freedom to watch your productions on your iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device (as long as you can access iCloud).

#4. We’ve seen how flexible Apple is in its license policies while reviewing Final Cut Pro X and that applies on iMovie too (in the end, they both are Apple products).

So you are allowed to use the software on all the devices that you own. That enables you to start your project on one device and finish it on a different one.

#5. iMovie lets you import, edit, and export high-resolution videos from 1080p to 4K.

iMovie Cons

#1. Sure, iMovie is excellent as a free video editor, but it seems to crumble when you raise your expectations a bit.

Many professional editors won’t like the software for its inability to work with 3D and VR videos, which has become kinda norm in almost all the video editing tools.

#2. Another area where I am a little disappointed is the device compatibility part. Since iMovie is an Apple product, you’re unable to install the software on your Windows and Android devices.

iMovie pricing plans and payment options

Like OpenShot, iMovie is also available for free.

Do I recommend iMovie?

Depending on what kinda user you are, the answer could be yes as well as no.

If you own a Mac or iOS device and all you want is a user-friendly editor for the standard, high-resolution videos, iMovie could be the right choice for you.

Otherwise, I won’t suggest this app to a professional who records VR videos or like inserting 3D objects in his/her clips.