Adobe Premiere Pro in 2022 - Login Lockdown

Adobe Premiere Pro in 2022

James Fernando
April 20, 2022
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Adobe Premiere Pro is without any doubt is one of the best video editing tool out there that most of the professional editors, YouTubers, and even Hollywood filmmakers use.

What makes this tool a cut above the rest is (1) its ability to perform almost all the editing tricks you have in the bag, (2) the trustworthiness and positive experience of users.

Now, this tool is not exactly for the newcomers, but once you go through the tutorials and know the basic functions of each editing tool, it becomes easy to operate this software.

Let’s go through the pros and cons of this software to find out more.

Adobe Premiere Pro Pros

#1 Unlimited Video Editing

Once you’ve installed the Premiere Pro software in your computer, feel free to edit as many videos as you can. It doesn’t impose any restriction on the maximum number of videos you can edit.

#2 Edit 3D and VR clips

Premiere Pro is capable of working with 3D objects, and it also has excellent features for editing 180 or 360/VR footage. Very handy for making video games, movies or an eye-catching YouTube video.

#3 Edit 4K and 8K videos

When it comes to editing very high-quality videos, Premiere Pro exceeds all the expectations. It supports 4K as well as 8K resolution videos.

#4 Built-in social media sharing feature

Once you’ve done editing your videos, it’s a breeze to share it on different social media channels directly from the software using the “Publish” function.

Besides this, Premiere Pro also enables users to export videos to their computer or other devices.

Premiere Pro share image

You’ll also enjoy watching this step-by-step, walkthrough video by Kelsey Brannan aka Premiere Gal.

#5 Cloud Storage

Since Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Plan, you get cloud storage of 100GB-10TB or more depending on the subscription plan you choose.

#6 Works on Mac and Windows computers

While it’s a bit disappointing that you can’t use Premiere Pro on mobile devices, it’s still better than many software that support either Windows or Mac, not both (I’ve talked about them later in this post).

Premiere Pro is compatible with both, Windows and Mac computers, but it might be tough for some users to fulfill its system requirements.

Works on Windows computer:

Premiere Pro system requirements

Works on Mac computer:

Premiere Pro system Requirements 1

Adobe Premiere Pro Cons

#1 Slow Customer Support

There’s no email support for new or potential users. It relies mostly on its so-called “Live Chat” that makes you wait anywhere from 15-30 minutes just to start the conversation.

For example, when I used their live chat to gather some info about the software, I didn’t get any response for the first 20 minutes. And that was enough for me to close the tab.

Screenshot 2019 02 13 21 38 07 56

#2 Works only on two computers with a single license

While this is not a significant minus point for this tool, but it may upset users who own multiple devices and want to use the software on all of them.

You should also keep in mind that even though you can install the program on two computers, you can’t run it simultaneously on both the machines.

Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing Plans

Premiere Pro is the only application in this test that comes with monthly subscription plans.

While it’s beneficial for those who want to spend a small amount every month and also want to enjoy some free cloud space; it’s definitely not ideal for users who are looking for a one-off purchase.

The single app plan starts from $20.99/month (billed annually) for 100GB of cloud storage. The all app plan costs $52.99/month (billed annually) for 100GB of cloud space and includes all the Adobe CC apps.

Premiere Pro plans

If you’re a student or teacher, I’ll highly recommend you to take the special offer of Adobe where you’ll get access to the “All Apps” plan in just $19.99/month (billed annually).

Premiere Pro student pricing

Do I recommend Adobe Premiere Pro?

Yes, I’ll surely recommend Adobe Premiere Pro, especially if you are a professional video editor or desires to make your videos look outstanding.

Beginners too can opt for this application but make sure you first make yourself fully familiar with the app. Use Adobe’s tutorials or ask a knowledgeable user to show you how to use it. Also, there are tons of material on the internet to learn Premiere Pro.

The overall cost is, no doubt, higher when we compare it to other products in our test, but its robust features and cloud storage pays for it tenfold.