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Best Video Editing Software for Mac 2022 Review

Katy Smith
April 22, 2022

It won’t be wrong to say, most of the video editing software companies are a little biased against Mac users.

After all, Video Pro, VideoStudio Ultimate, PowerDirector, and more such advanced programs are made explicitly for Windows computers.

Now, does that mean Mac users should settle down with an inferior tool?

Absolutely not.

In this post, I’m gonna talk about top video editing programs that work great on Mac computers.

And the best part?

These tools are the cream of the crop and equipped with the most advanced features.

So, without any further ado, let’s dig in.

1. Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Pro Homepage

Premiere Pro by Adobe is one of the most advanced video editing software out there.

And the best part?

The software runs smoothly on Mac computers.

Though it’s a bit tough for newbies to learn the ins & outs of the tool, it’s an absolute favorite for veteran editors.

There’s hardly anything you can’t do with this program. From basic cutting and trimming to adding VFX, mixing audio, and playing with the color contrast; you can manipulate your clips as far as your imagination can go.

Let’s look at the pros and cons of this tool to better understand what it can or can’t do.

Adobe Premiere Pro Pros

#1. Premiere Pro is popular mostly for its editing prowess. Depending on your editing skills, you can alter your clips in almost any way using the software.

As I mentioned earlier, Premiere Pro can deliver anything from basic cutting and trimming to modern day VFX effects, transitions, color grading, and audio mixing.

Though it doesn’t specify the total number of angles it can capture under the multicam module, it is handy for showing videos from different angles.

And the best part?

Since Premiere Pro is a part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud family, you can send your files to other CC tools like After Effects, create some stunning effects there, and then import your files back to Premiere Pro with a single click.

That way, you can get the best of all the tools without leaving Premiere Pro or having to open ten different apps.

#2. Premiere Pro is an excellent choice for editing VR clips or complicated 3D videos. The software offers a complete 360° package that enables you to view the VR videos in the original state, stitch, trim, and stabilize shaky clips.

The package also includes the special 360° effects and transitions that make your clips more dazzling.

Similarly, you can find 3D titles and the essential toolset to work on your 3D movies.

#3. There are only a handful of tools that supports 8K resolution videos, and Premiere Pro is one of them.

It can not only edit 4K UHD videos but can also alter 8K clips. So, if you’ll love the Adobe prodigy if you frequently work with high-resolution projects.

#4. Once you’ve done with the editing part, you can share your videos on social sites like Facebook and YouTube directly from the software using the ‘publish to share’ feature.

Premiere Pro share image

#5. Though this post is all about the video editing software for MacOS, it’s worth mentioning that Premiere Pro is also compatible with Windows computers.

And as per its license policy, the software can be installed on two different computers with a single license.

#6. Premiere Pro is one of those rare tools that has its own cloud repository and offers separate cloud space to its users.

You get 2 GB of cloud space during the trial period, and once you sign up for the paid membership, that space can range anywhere between 100GB and 1TB according to the plan you pick.

So, no more dependency on your local drives to store large video editing projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro Cons

#1. Premiere Pro is not suitable for entry-level videographers. Though it’s not gonna be a big deal for a veteran or intermediate user, the busy interface of the software could be a bit difficult for newbies to navigate different functions.

premiere pro interface 2

However, the in-app tutorials are there to ease things out and shorten your learning curve.

#2. Another thing that is missing in Premiere Pro is the availability of a mobile app so that users can work on their projects on the go.

Although it comes with Premiere Rush, the mobile editing software of Adobe, Premiere Pro itself is not available on the small screen.

Adobe Premiere Pro pricing plans and payment methods

Adobe Premiere Pro is a subscription-based tool. You’ll have to be an Adobe Creative Cloud member to get access to the software.

The least costly plan is the “Single App” plan that is priced at $20/month when billed annually and comes with 100GB of cloud space.

Premiere Pro plans 2

If you go a bit higher in the pricing ladder, you come across their “All App” plan that costs $52/month and get you access to all the Adobe CC software.

Though I would recommend going for the “Single App” membership as it’s reasonable for any user. And you have the option to pay either by credit or debit card to complete the order.

That being said, you are always open to test drive the app for a week for free if you’re still not sure.

Or if you’ve already purchased the product but are not happy with what you got, you can return it before 14-days of purchase date and get all your money refunded.

2. Apple Final Cut Pro X

Apple Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro needs no introduction, especially to movie makers who use Mac computers.

The software shares many similarities with Premiere Pro. And just like its Adobe counterpart, it is equipped with cutting-edge features.

Take a look at what its qualities are and where it misses the mark completely.

Apple Final Cut Pro X Pros

#1. The core aspect of any editing software is its editing capabilities, and fortunately, Final Cut Pro has no shortcomings in this area.

The software is fast and contains immense power under its hood. Using the ProRes Raw package, you can open and edit any raw files and export them in a snap.

Besides this, the multicam mode of Final Cut is just exceptional as you’re allowed to view 16 different camera angles at a time. That gives you the flexibility to identify and add the best shot to your movie.

Similarly, the tool is full of motion graphics and VFX effects that help you add some extra spice to your projects.

And thanks to their Metal program that accelerates the performance of Final Cut and allow you to apply effects, open files, and render projects at a blazing speed.

And the best part?

The UI of Final Cut looks much cleaner compared to the Premiere Pro interface, and it will take less time for a newbie to get started with the software.

final cut pro interfcace 2 1

#2. Just like Premiere Pro, Final Cut also offers a complete 360° video editing package to the users.

Not only it allows you to view VR videos in their original format, but you can also edit the VR clips and add special effects and motion graphics designed for 360° videos.

Having said that, the 3D editing options are not as sophisticated as Premiere Pro’s, but you still get the luxury to work with your 3D objects and add 3D titles to your videos.

Some more development in the 3D editing area will make this tool unstoppable. However, the currently available facilities are decent, too.

#3. Nowadays, editing 4K UHD videos has become a norm. So, it’s not surprising to know that you can open and edit 4K resolution clips on Final Cut Pro.

But it doesn’t just stop here, it goes a step further and lets you edit and export videos in 6K resolution, too.

#4. Final Cut has an excellent rendering speed and provides a plethora of options while exporting a video.

You can store your files either in your computer or in iClouds.

Besides this, you’re always free to share your creation on social sites like YouTube and Facebook directly from the software or burn the data into a DVD for offline use.

final cut pro sharing 1

Apple Final Cut Pro X Cons

#1. The only drawback of the software is, of course, the absence of a mobile app and Windows license.

Also, unlike Premiere Pro, which is the prime competitor of the software, it doesn’t offer separate cloud space to its users.

Apple Final Cut Pro X pricing plans and payment methods

Apple has kept a straightforward pricing for its video editing software.

Pay $299, and Final Cut Pro is yours forever.

Final Cut Pro X price 1

Having said that, Apple doesn’t mention anything about free trial or its refund policy on this product.

3. HitFilm Pro

hitfilm pro homepage 2

HitFilm Pro is a deadly combo of power and performance.

The software is a powerhouse of VFX effects and motion graphics, and thanks to the multi-core GPU accelerated system, everything happens in a jiffy.

What’s more?

The VR and 3D editing capabilities make it a complete tool. And unlike, Final Cut and Premiere Pro, it doesn’t need any integration. That makes it an ideal tool to replace almost any advanced editing software.

Here are all the reasons why it is almost impossible to turn HitFilm Pro down.

HitFilm Pro Pros

#1. One of the biggest USP of HitFilm Pro is its incredible speed, which makes it a dream for any experienced or intermediate videographer to work on.

And all credit goes to its multi-core GPU accelerated system which is 8X faster than any other editing system.

hitfilm pro performance 1

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re altering a standard video or working on a high-resolution clip that needs complex edits, you can perform anything at the drop of a hat.

On top of it, this mighty system also makes sure you never face any crash while working on the software.

#2. HitFilm is the perfect example of how a foolproof tool looks like.

The software has no shortcomings when it comes to its editing capabilities.

The cutting edge color grading and audio mixing toolset are excellent for making your videos more vivid and provide a better audio experience to the viewers.

Similarly, it has a top-notch VR editing suite, an upgraded VR panel, and a ton of VFX effects and motion graphics that are made specifically for 360° videos.

Moreover, some VFX plugins like OpenFX, NewBlue, and GenArt are also there for your additional aid.

Besides this, you can also work on 3D videos, edit 3D objects, and add 3D titles to your clips.

The software also has this unique facility to convert 2D images into 3D scenes with camera movement included.

hitfilm pro 2d to 3d 1

#3. HitFilm supports a variety of file formats and codecs including the latest H.264 and H.265, and because of this, the tool is more than efficient to open, edit, and export content in 8K resolution videos.

#4. HitFilm has a robust in-built sharing system that you can use to post your videos on social sites directly from the software.

Apart from this, you also get the freedom to burn all your files into Blu-ray and DVD so that you can watch your creation on TV or other devices.

hitfilm pro export 2

#5. And finally, with cross-platform support, the software can be installed on Windows computers, too.

HitFilm Pro Cons

#1. As usual, usability is a point of concern in this case, too.

Like any other modern video editing programs, HitFilm Pro is a bit challenging for newbies users.

Though it has a plethora of learning materials to help you get started with the software.

#2. No mobile app for HitFilm Pro users. Neither it has its own cloud repository like Premiere Pro.

HitFilm Pro pricing plans and payment options

Just like Final Cut Pro, HitFilm too has a straightforward pricing, and the amount is also the same.

A single license of HitFilm Pro costs you $299, and you can use your debit/credit cards or PayPal to pay for the one-off fee. This is coupled with a 30-day money back guarantee, in case you don’t like the product.

hitfilm pro pricing 1
hitfilm pro payment options

That being said, the software also offers a free license but doesn’t allow you to export your files while working on the free version.

4. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve homepage 1

DaVinci Resolve is the perfect companion for those who are looking for an ace video editing option but doesn’t have anything to spend.

The software is widely known for its VFX and motion graphics is also an apt choice for color composing and audio mixing.

Moreover, what separates DaVinci with other programs is its collaboration feature that enables you to work with your entire team simultaneously.

And all this, without any cost which makes DaVinci Resolve a real deal for any Mac user.

Here are some more benefits you get if you choose it over other editing options.

DaVinci Resolve Pros

#1. Unlike the other three tools we discussed above, DaVinci has this unique feature called ‘Cut page’ that simplifies its busy interface.

DaVinci Cut

Cut Page is basically a separate editing area where you can make some quick edits because it contains only the essential features that you need to edit your clips. Everything is on the same window and well within your reach so that you can deliver high-quality results in record time.

This is handy for news broadcasters, YouTubers, vloggers, and agency owners who need to post multiple videos in a short span of time.

#2. Another such unique feature is, of course, its collaboration ability. While most of the video editing tools are made for solo use, DaVinci is one of those rare gems that allow you to work together with your entire team.

It has a built-in chat and timeline comparison where you can share your work with VFX artists, sound designers, and other members of your team to get real-time feedback and alter the product together.

The only condition that comes with this game-changing attribute is, you’ll have to upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio.

#3. DaVinci is a favorite of professional movie makers, and there’s a fair reason behind it.

The software has a dynamic set of tools that makes it one stop shop for any videographer.

The color grading system is impeccable and lets you add almost any shade of a given color.

Similarly, Fairlight – the audio mixing function – is a complete digital audio workstation where you can mix and match any soundtrack of your choice or choose a suitable one from the in-house sound library.

DaVinci Fairlight 2

Besides this, you can also use the ADR tools, audio plugins, or add 3D audio formats like Dolby Atmos, SMPTE ST 2098, and Audio-3D to enhance the overall audio experience.

And finally, ‘Fusion’ is where you add VFX effects and motion graphics to your projects. The tool also integrates well with plugins like OpenFX and NewBlue to make sure you never face any shortage while editing 3D movies or working on a project that requires a solid dose of high-end VFX.

#4. Like Premiere Pro and HitFilm Pro, DaVinci is also the part of this small group of tools that support 8K resolution videos.

#5. Even though I couldn’t see a variety of sharing options in this tool, you can still publish your production on Vimeo and YouTube directly from the software.

DaVinci sharing 2

Additionally, there’s an option to store your files in DVDs if you want to play your videos on other devices.

#6. And last but certainly not the least, DaVinci is a versatile software which runs smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers.

On top of it, you are allowed to install the software on three computers with a single license. That is like a cherry on the cake.

DaVinci Resolve Cons

#1. Again, the same old story here.

Usability is the biggest concern for this tool as it’s not made for entry-level videographers.

The primary interface of the tool is a bit overwhelming, and only experienced users would be able to navigate it successfully.

#2. The second drawback is the absence of a smartphone app and cloud storage facility.

DaVinci Resolve pricing plans and payment methods

DaVinci Resolve is absolutely free for everyone.

However, if you want to avail some advanced functions like HDR grading and multi-user collaboration, then you’ll have to upgrade to DaVinci Resolve Studio which is the paid version of the software.

It comes with a one-off fee of $299, and DaVinci accepts payments from PayPal and all the major debit & credit cards.

5. OpenShot

Openshot homepage

So far, we have talked about programs which are suitable for experienced video editors.

But if you’re an amateur who wants a user-friendly software without compromising in quality, then OpenShot is the perfect bet for you.

OpenShot is an open source video editor that is built with the sole purpose of providing novice and non-tech users with an easy to use platform to edit videos.

The software has a decent set of editing functions to help you execute everything from basic cutting and trimming to editing complex 3D videos.

Sure, there’s a slight contrast in the quality of toolset between OpenShot and other advanced editing programs, but it scores full marks as a free software.

And above all, it works fine on all the three prominent operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux. So no issues on device compatibility.

Now, here are a few more reasons why Mac users should consider OpenShot.

OpenShot Pros

#1. Unlike the other four tools in this post, OpenShot is extremely easy to use, and you can start working on the software without any prior experience.

The interface is clutter-free and easy to navigate. It has a timeline and a preview area at the bottom and right side of the screen, respectively.

openshot interface

A small menu bar is at the top of the screen where you can select different functions like uploading videos, apply effects, and more.

And it requires only a couple of clicks or drag & drop movement to execute any function on the software.

#2. It would be unfair to expect the same power of an advanced editing software from a free tool, but OpenShot exceeds all expectations.

The software is excellent in cutting, splicing, and mixing clips. The color grading and audio mixing system are also on point and let you produce stunning results.

Not just that, the tool also has over 20 3D titles and effects that you can use while working on 3D projects.

openshot animated titles 1

And the best part?

These titles are highly customizable according to the nature of your project.

#3. To my surprise, not only you can edit 4K UHD clips, but OpenShot also allows editing 5K resolution videos.

#4. There is a variety of sharing options available in this tool. After you’ve finished working, you can share your movies on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Flickr, and several other social media platforms.

openshot video sharing 1

Apart from this, you’re also allowed to burn files into DVDs or Blu-ray disc.

#5. Just like most of the programs in this post, OpenShot also comes with cross-platform support.

The software was initially built for Linux computers, but now, it’s available on Mac and Windows devices, too.

And above all, since it’s an open source program, there is no capping on the maximum number of devices you can install the software on.

OpenShot Cons

#1. The only time you face any issues in this tool is while working on VR videos.

Even though you can edit 3D clips, it needs some serious development in order to work smoothly with 360° videos.

#2. Another setback though it’s a small one is the absence of a smartphone version of the software and a cloud repository.

OpenShot pricing plans and payment methods

As I’ve already mentioned earlier, OpenShot is available for free.


It’s a fact that Mac users don’t have as many options available as Windows users when it comes to video editing software.

But that also doesn’t mean they have absolutely nothing to choose from.

In this article, we talked about the five best video editing tools that Mac users can refer to. And you can choose whichever you want according to your budget or editing skills.

For example, if you want back subscription-based products and need cloud space to store your files, then Adobe Premiere Pro is tailor-made for you.

HitFilm Pro and Final Cut Pro X would attract seasoned videographers who like paying once and settling everything once and for all.

And finally, if you’re running short on money, you can either go with DaVinci Resolve or opt for a more comfortable option, i.e., OpenShot.

While the former is appropriate for veteran users, the latter is the best place for newbies to start their editing journey.

Now, the best part?

Almost all the programs are at par in editing capabilities, and you can never go wrong with any of them.